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m88 online bettingHistory, start a magnificent scroll in continuing struggle.July 1,We ushered in the establishment of the Communist Party of China103 Anniversary,Recalling the footsteps of the revolution,Inheritance the spirit of the revolution。The Party Branch of the Majukoshan Protection Station and the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Ecological Tourism Management Section,Go to Lanzhou Resources and Environment Vocational and Technical Technology University of Lanzhou Battle Doujiashan Fighting Memorial Plaza to carry out the theme party day event of "My Heart to the Party Loyalty to the Party"。Acura Party’s Glory Starts,The sacred mission of the ruling country and the country。

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All party members are neatly arranged and stand in front of Doujiashan Battle Memorial,Make a flower basket in m88 best betting websitea heavy mood,Revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed Ying Yingyong bowed,Reinforcement of Yinglie's great achievements。Lift the right fist in the bright red party flag and all party members and cadres under the national party,Revisiting the vows of joining the party。Subsequent,Detailed explanation of the teacher from the university,All party members and cadres listened to the strategic significance of the Doujiashan Battle of Lanzhou、Battle process、​​Battle results and post -war value,Revolutionary martyr's monument to Doujiashan, Lanzhou,To express the high admiration of the revolutionary martyrs。

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After the end of the admiration, all party members and cadres visited the Lanzhou Resources and Environment Vocational and Technology University of Resources m88 live casino gamesand Environmental Professional and Technology University、Many educational and training places such as libraries and shield machine construction training bases with a sense of technology。We feel when the nation dangerous,A heroic revolutionary hero stubborn struggle,Dedication for national independence and the liberation of the people to dedicate their own blood and youth,Only with the strong technology、The great motherland of prosperity and prosperity,This difficult peaceful life has made the Chinese Communists in the new era struggle to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

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This theme party day event,Each party member accepted a revolutionary education activity that touched the soul。Everyone said,Be sure to use what General Secretary Xi Jinping said"The ideas of the party'M88 Online Live Casinos self -revolution and measures are more strict,Putting each front、Self -revolution in each link、Grab in -depth。"My heart to the party,Loyalty to the Party,Not afraid of difficulties and dangers、Dare to fight good at struggle,Take the "Long March Road" of our generation.,Contributing to your own wisdom and strength to the cause of the forest and grass。

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