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The provincial ecological environmental protection inspectors of Xinglongshan Nature Reserve Gansu Xinglongshan Nature Reserve will be publicized by the provincial ecological environmental protection inspectors,Welcome to supervise all sectors of society,Contact number:0931-5251507

During the provincial ecological environmental protection inspector,Xinglong Mountain Pipeline Care Center accepted a total2 pieces of complaints for petitions and visits, the details are as follows:

1. Accepting number253: "Xinglongshan Scenic Nature Reserve, Yuzhong County,Divided into two scenic spots in Dongshan and Xishan,In 2021, Xishan stopped opening,I heard that there is no ecological environment business qualification,At present, starting again,I don’t know if it is true。”

This question is checked by the Xinglong Mountain Pipeline Center,Reflection is not true。

2. Accepting number272: "There is a stall for a long time in the parking lot of Dongshankou, Xinglongshan Nature Reserve, Yuzhong County,Frequent sewage of garbage and laundry was poured in the river channel next to the parking lot,The water of the river is the living water of the Xinglongshan Nature Reserve to supply the residents of Yuzhong County,Polluing the water source。”

Quanxinglong Mountain Pipeline and Protection Center was checked to reflect the situation.

April 28,Xinglong Mountain Pipeline and Protection Center After receiving the letter and visitor case,Arrange relevant personnel to the scene to check it immediately。Checking,There is a banquet small fried catering business point near Dongshankou m88 live casino gamesparking m88 live casino gameslot,The operator is Fu Mou,Unified Social Code: 92620123MA73BNLB9K,Previously due to the influence of the off -season and epidemic of tourism。Opening operation on April 27, 2022,During the preparation period,Occasionally pour garbage and sewage into the river phenomenon。For this question,Relevant staff of the Xinglong Mountain Pipeline Centers gives severe criticism to the parties,and put forward clear requirements: dump the garbage into a fixed garbage tank,Destiny sewage discharge to sewage pipes。In order to effectively prevent such problems,,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center mainly adopted the following measures: First, arrange staff to comprehensively clean up the garbage around the river; the second is to send the "further M88 Online Live CasinoM88 Online Live Casinostrengthening the management of the Xinglongxia River through the WeChat work group and written form" Emergency Notice,Notice of notice to dump the garbage and sewage from the river,and send a special person to implement the responsibility; the third is to establish a long -term mechanism,Defining responsibility zone,Strengthening daily patrol supervision,Ensure the safety of the river water resources。

Supply: Li Wentao Editor in charge: Zhang Jian

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