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This year is the founding party of the Communist Party of China103 Anniversary,To promote the spirit of the great party,Guide party members and cadres to make political loyalty、Strengthen responsibility。m88 best betting websiteJuly 1,The Party Branch of Shangzhuang Protection Station organized party members to enter the red education base Zhang Yimu's former residence to carry out the theme party day event of "I Heart the Party Loyalty to the Party"。

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All party members are neatly queue,Before the red party flag,Oath from the branch secretary,Together with the party flag, enter the party's oath,Solemn commitment。Subsequent,All party members visited Zhang Yimu's former residence,I listened to the heroic deeds and glorious m88 online bettinghistory of Comrade Zhang Yimu,Deeply feel that it is not easy for today's peaceful and happy life。

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After the visit,Everyone said,In the future work,I will not wait for my sense of responsibility、mission,Continue to inherit the red gene,赓 Renewal of red blood,Draw red power from history,Unity and collaboration、Fight as the table,Contributing to the construction of the beautiful Xinglongshan in the new era。

Supply: Shangzhuang Protection Station Audit: Liu Xudong Edit: Zhang Jian

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