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July 1, 2024 is the 103rd party festival,In order to continuously carry forward the spirit of the great party to build the party,The great journey and glory of the Acura Party,赓 Continuous red blood,Draw the forgiveness,Party Branch of Ecological Tourism Management Section、The Party Branch of the Mazuta Mountain Protection Station jointly carried m88 live casino gamesout the theme party day event of "My Heart to the Party Loyalty to the Party"。

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This event was chaired by Feng Kangxi, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Ecological Tourism Management Section,After the event starts,Wang Xiaopeng, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Ma Ban Mountain Protection Station, led all party members to revisit the party's oath,Later, the teacher of Lanzhou Resources and Environment Vocational and Technical University tells everyone about the story of Dou Jiashan battle in the Lanzhou Campaign,Branch representatives presented the flower basket m88 best betting websiteand spared to the revolutionary martyrs。After the silence is completed,School teachers continue to lead the majority of party members to visit the campus,Visit Tianyi Museum in succession、Meteorological Museum、Simulation Teaching Mine、Shield Construction Training Base、Library and other places,Talking"Xinglong Culture Entering Campus" publicity matters.

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After the event is over,Party members have said that they must continue to carry forward the great spirit of building a party,Always adhere to the truth、Persevere ideals,Practicing the original intention、m88 reviewDrama mission,Not afraid of sacrifice、heroic struggle,Loyalty to the Party、Failure to live up to the people。

Supply: Ecological Tourism Management Division Audit: Pei Yingtai Edit: Zhang Jian

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