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For the continuous red blood, draw the forgiveness,On the morning of July 1,Guantangou Protection Station Party Branch organizes all party members and representatives of employees to go to Xinglongshan Martyrs Cemetery,Carry out "My Heart to the Party、Loyalty to the Party "Celebrate the" July 1 "theme party day activity。

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Pine and cypress gloomy sorrow,Fengbei Yongzhu m88 best betting websiteYingling。m88 live casino gamesBefore the solemn revolutionary martyr's monument,All party members wear party members' badges,Smooth stand、Smooth stand,Bow silently to the revolutionary martyrs,To express the infinite respect and deep sorrow of the revolutionary martyrs。In front of the bright red party flag,All party members raise their right hand,Solemn oath"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China,Support the party's program,Follow the party's charter ... ",Expressing party members' loyalty to the party、The firm belief of going with the party forever,Accept the m88 reviewpurification of the soul again and m88 best betting websitethe baptism of the revolution,Education reminds everyone to forever the political nature of the Communist Party of China。

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This theme party day event,Let everyone benefit a lot,Feeling deep。Everyone has stated that they must remember the party’s glorious history,Inheritance Red Gene,The martyrs are not afraid of hardship、The spirit of selfless dedication penetrates into the natural protection work,Inherit the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs、The mission of dedicated struggle,Constantly improve the level of work and business,Make positive m88 live casino gamescontributions m88 best betting websiteto the high -quality development of natural resources protection.。

Supply: Guantangou Protection Station Audit: Liu Xudong Edit: Zhang Jian

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