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To celebrate the establishment of the Communist Party of China103 Anniversary,Patriotic and love party enthusiasm for inspiring party members and cadres,Continuously enhance the cohesion and combat power of the party branch,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education Deepness。m88 live casino gamesOn the afternoon of July 1,Party members and cadres of the Party and Mass and Municipal Division and Party Branch went to the Zhang Yimu Memorial Hall to carry out the "I heart to the party、Loyalty to the Party "theme party day activity,Revolutionary revolutionary martyrs,Inheritance Red Gene,Promoting patriotism。


Visit all comrades"Zhang Yimu's Life Deed Exhibition" and "History of the History of the Revolutionary Struggle of the Yuzhong",Watch the physical object、Sculpture、Multimedia and other information,I admired Zhang Yimu's m88 reviewglorious revolutionary career,Deep experience of the revolutionary ancestors is indomitable、The Spiritual Revolutionary Spirit of Selfless and Fearless。


Through this theme party day event,Party members and cadres have stated that they want to transform this profound spiritual baptism into a strong work motivation,Further brighten the true nature of the party、Deep people's supremacy,Give full play to the role of the pioneer of party members in the future work,Constantly improving political literacy,Practice the original m88 best betting websitemission,Make new and greater contributions to the high -quality development of the Xinglongshan Reserve。

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