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To celebrate the establishment of the Communist Party of China103 Anniversary、75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China,Continue to consolidate theme education results,Normalization of "Three Grabs and Three Promotion" Actions,Implementing the tasks of party discipline learning and education,Guide party members, cadres and employees to remember the revolutionary martyrs,Recall the history of revolution,firm ideals and beliefs。July 2,Comprehensive Division United Party Branch to the three main Red Army Congress Huining to carry out the "I heart to the party  Loyalty to the Party "theme party m88 online bettingday m88 live casino gamesevent,Branch party member、Development objects、Actives participate in this activity。

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Before the teacher tower,All party members listened to the miracles created by the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army led by the Communist Party of China and their leaders-The Long March Story,Member of the Party Committee at the Central Centralization、Deputy Director Liu Xudong led the vows of the party to enter the party,Make a solemn oath to the party again。After the collective oath,Under the leadership of the interpreter,Enter the Red Army Long March Victory Memorial,Seriously experience the great feats of the three main masters of the Chinese Workers and Peasants' Red Army, the great feat of the m88 live casino gamesdivision M88 Online Live Casinoof the division of the Chinese workers and peasants, and the ambitions of fighting for the long march on the way,All party members are deeply loyal to the revolutionary cause of the revolutionary cause and the firm belief that the party can achieve the revolutionary victory is deeply shocked。Last,All party members go to the Red Army Long March Victory View Garden,Repeat "Long March Road",Visit the Long March Road Luding Bridge、Simulation landscapes such as Lakkou and Zunyi Conference,Revisiting the unforgettable history。

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Through this"Learn、Thought、Practice、Enlightenment "theme party day event,All party members deeply feel that the spirit of the Long March is endless、The inexhaustible power source,It is a strong m88 reviewm88 online bettingmotivation to do a good job in the work of the protected area。Everyone said,In the future work,It will further promote the spirit of the Long March,Enhance political consciousness、Thought consciousness and action conscious,Active responsibility as,Contribute to the high -quality development of the protected area。

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