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To celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Further promote the study and education of the party history,Revolutionary ancestors,Remember the history of the party's struggle,Stimulate party members to love the party and patriotic feelings,Inspiring party members m88 reviewto condense forge ahead。On the morning of July 1,The Party Branch of the Majia Temple Protection Station organizes the theme party day activity of "Inheritance Red Genes"。

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In the event,All party members revisit the party's oath,Reinforcement of the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs,Remember the original mission of the Communist Party members。Subsequent,All party members are with infinite respect and remembrance,Visit the "Zhang Yimu's Life Deed Exhibition" and "History of the History of the Revolutionary Struggle of the Yuzhong",I admired Zhang Yimu's glorious M88 Online Live Casinorevolutionary career,Revisiting the magnificent Gansu Red Revolutionary Activity。Through the vivid explanation of the interpreter and watching the rich graphic information,Everyone feels more deeply that the revolutionary martyrs are pursuing ideals、Get rid of suffering and loyal and unyielding、Uncomfortable、The Revolutionary Spirit of Given Forgetful,At the same time, I also saw Mr. Zhang Yimu's dedication、meticulous professional spirit。

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This theme party day event,A vivid lesson for all party members,I also got a baptism in thought。Everyone said,Deep in my heart is strongly m88 live casino gamesshocked,Make remember history forever,Inherit the excellent style of the revolutionary martyrs,Based on the job、Work hard、Emphasize,firm ideals and beliefs,The advanced nature of the Communist Party members forever。

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