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To celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Promote the spirit of the great party,Inherit and carry forward the glory tradition of the party,Further guide party members to strengthen their ideals and beliefs、Condensing forgiving power。Recent,The Party Branch of the Management and Protection Center of Xinglongshan Reserve organizes rich content、Various forms of "My Heart to the Party Loyalty to the Party" theme party day event,M88 Online Live CasinoGuide and motivate the majority of party members to not forget the original heart、Study forward,Showing new responsibilities in the new journey in the new era、Realize the new as a。

Each party branch organizes to visit the Zhang Yimu Memorial Museum、Zhang Yimu's former residence、Revolutionary hero Comrade Lu Changlin's former residence、Huining Red Army Long March Victory Memorial Hall and other theme party day activities,Guide the majority of party members from the party's glorious history,Deeply feel the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs is endless、The inexhaustible power source springs。By going to Xinglongshan Martyrs Cemetery、Lanzhou m88 live casino gamesBattle Dou Jiashan Battle Memorial,Reinforcement of Yinglie,Revisiting the party's oaths and other forms,Education and motivating the majority of party members to strengthen their ideals and beliefs、Persevere in the pursuit of mission。

This theme party day event is a profound spiritual baptism,It is also a vivid patriotic education class,Not only refined the party spirit,It has strengthened the confidence and determination of the officer's entrepreneurship。Standing on the new historical starting point,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center will take the revolutionary martyrs as an example,赓Suka Communist spiritual m88 live casino gamesblood,Adhere to the leadership of party building,Loyalty can perform duties,Houzhi is the nostalgia for the people,Contribute to the party's cause of Xinglongshan。

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