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To further strengthen the standardized construction of grass -roots party organizations,According to the Regulations of the Party Constitution and the Regulations on the Election Work of the Communist Party of China,The unified deployment of the party committee of the management and protection center,Recent,The party branches of the Xinglong Mountain Pipeline Centers successfully completed the election work in accordance with the requirements for procedures。

The Party Committee of the Management and Protection Center attaches great importance to this election work,Requires the strict implementation of the branch work regulations,m88 live casino gamesStandardize M88 Online Live Casinothe election procedure。Taking this change as an opportunity,Further strengthen the construction of the party's grass -roots organizations,Effectively improve the organizational force of the party branch,Give full play to the role of the branch battle fortress,The process of truly the process of re -election has become a process of unity of party members and cadres to unite the masses,Become a comprehensive leader of the party、The process of carrying forward grass -roots democracy。

Each party branch strictly follows the organization procedure,Hold a party member meeting,The branch secretary represented the last party branch committee made a comprehensive summary of the work of the branch in the past m88 best betting websitethree m88 live casino gamesyears,and clarify the future work goals and tasks。The conference will be based on the election method of the re -election,Elected the new branch committee,Subsequent,The new branch committee held the first meeting,Election of the branch secretary,Clarified the division of labor。

Through this election work,Further strengthening the standardized construction of the party branches,Improving the cohesion and combat power of grass -roots party organizations。Next,The party branches of the Xinglong Mountain Pipe Center will focus on the "casting red belief  Exing Long Splendid "party building brand,On the basis of "one branch, one work method",Resource advantage based on the management and protection center,M88 Online Live CasinoEcological m88 online bettingprotection mode of "Red Party Building+Green Development" is made every effort,Provides a strong organizational guarantee for the development of the ecological protection business of Xinglongshan Reserve's management and protection center。

Supply: Information Publicity Division Review: Pei Yingtai Editor: Zhang Jian


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