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2024May of the year is the fourth "Civil Code Promotion Month"。In order to implement the important discussion of General Secretary Jinping's "the best business environment for the rule of law is the best business environment",According to the "Eighth Five -Year Plan Planning and Provincial Forest and Cao Bureau's work deployment requirements,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center takes the "Civil Code Propaganda Month" as an opportunity,Carry out the Civil Code series of law publicity activities,Effectively improved the thinking of the rule of law and the consciousness of the rule of law。

"Dian" bright thoughts。Organize cadres and employees to thoroughly study Xi Jinping's thinking、Civil Code and Constitution Legal M88 Online Live CasinoKnowledge,Continuously enhance the consciousness of all cadres and employees,Effective improvement of the ability and level of performing duties in accordance with the law。

"Dian" Bright Propaganda。Play the promotional picture of the Civil Code through the large -screen electronic screen,Combined with the actual work of the protected area,Coordinated arrangements for centralized publicity、Internet promotion and special lectures,The central protection station of the center passes on -site explanation、Publicity banner、distributed "painting" saying that the Civil Code Proclaimed Page and other forms,Deeper into the township market、Propaganda activities on the street,Relevant regulations on the popularization of the Civil Code on the m88 best betting websitepeople of the forest area、"Green Terms" of ecological environment protection,Improve the ability of the masses to use the civil code to work in accordance with the law,Enhance the masses' sense of safety and concept of the rule of law。A total of more than 1,000 copies of various promotional pages and volumes of various types of promotional pages,Guide more than 500 people。

"Dian" Bright Network。On the central portal website、WeChat public account is the platform,Set up a new orgasm for learning, propaganda, and implementation of the Civil Code,Form a strong atmosphere of propagating the Civil Code。

Event through development,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center will continue to actively do a good job of preaching and studying m88 online bettingthe "Civil Code",Efforts to improve all cadres and employees to use the people's codes to safeguard people's rights、Resolve contradictions and disputes、The ability and level of promoting the harmonious and stability of the forest area,Let the people's codes enter my heart,"Dian" bright and beautiful life。

Supply: Information Publicity Division Review: Pei Yingtai Editor: Zhang Jian

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