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To advance the education and education of party discipline,Give full play to the role of party lessons in the education management of party members,On June 4,Promoting the education of party members' education "taste freshness and freshness"。


Everyone is a preacher,All party members on the podium。The theme of the micro -party class is m88 best betting websiteM88 Online Live Casino"Party Discipline Study and Education",Around the main point of understanding the main purpose of "six disciplines"、Precisely grasp the inner connection of "Six Discipline",I proposed to the party members' regulations for fear of discipline and law、Building a ideological defense line、Strict power for use、Getting public, private division and other requirements。9 party members choose the material from practice,Combining the party's innovation theory with the masses,Explain the big theme with a small topic、Small stories explain the principle m88 reviewM88 Online Live Casinoof great truth。Use fresh stories、Vivid language、Full emotion,Show the spiritual style of party members and cadres,Bring a penetration force、Attraction、The "Micro Party Lesson" feast of the infectious power。

Next,The Party Branch of the Party and Municipal Sciences Office will continue to consolidate and deepen the results of party discipline learning and education,Persistent internalization of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the strict and strict governance of the party、Externalization,Guide party members and cadres m88 reviewM88 Online Live Casinoto promote learning、Promoting dry、Promote efficiency with dry,Using loyalty and clean responsibilities to promote the continuous stability of the Lincao business of the protected area to promote it。

Draft: Information Publicity Division Review: Pei Yingtai Editor: Zhang Jian

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