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In order to further implement the decision -making deployment of strengthening prohibitive poisoning work,Continue to consolidate the construction results of the "non -toxic forest area",Guantangou Protection Station organized all management staff and forests from June 1st to 3rd to conduct a centralized inspection operation in the area in the area。

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This m88 live casino gamesoperation is based on "full coverage、The principle of no dead ends ",With the help of drones in the field、Carpet -type inspection,For the middle of the forest、Learned searches in the sparse area of ​​idle courtyards,Resolutely achieve "Don't let go of a village and one household、Do not let go of one house and one hospital、Do not let go of one mountain and one ditch、Do not let go of one slope and one place、Do not let go of a plant "。At the same time,Publicity speaker through the car、Post the banned drug slogan、Release the popular science page、Household preaching m88 live casino gamesand other methods,Freshly popularize the types of drugs of drugs to villagers in the area、Knowledge such as harm and identification method,Make sure "Poison Violation、Poisoning must shovel、The concept of the rule of law "is deeply rooted in people's hearts。

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This action,Continuous improvement of villagers' knowledge、Anti -virus、Drug rejection ability,Consolidated the results of the "zero planting" of the original drugs of drugs。Next,Guantangou Protection Station will unite forest public security、Village Committee of the Jurisdiction,Relying on the governance grid of M88 Online Live Casinothe "Fengqiao" protection station,A comprehensive coverage of anti -drug mission、Key areas in the key areas、Key personnel to prevent control、Check the inspection to the end,A solid defense line,Let the "Poisonous Flower" bloom now。


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