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2024May 31 of the Year,from the Gansu Forestry Technology Promotion Station、M88 Review、China Square Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Gansu Branch jointly held the "Gansu Xinglongshan National Nature Reserve 2023-2024 Forestry Harm Disaster Prevention and m88 online bettingReduction m88 reviewProject" equipment transfer ceremony。

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At the project exchange seminar,Give full affirmation of the development of the project,and put forward constructive opinions on the implementation of the project。The materials involved in the project include the temperature and humidity detector of the forest、Handheld Meteorological Station、Diseases and insect pest testing tool box、Worm Catcher Network and other equipment。

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Implementation of this project,Not only can enhance the comprehensive prevention and control m88 online bettingm88 online bettingcapabilities of the forestry harmful biological prevention and control of the Xinglongshan Reserve,Effectively stop the spread of forest diseases and insect pests,Improve the quality of the forest,Guarantee forest resources safety,It can also reduce the ratio of forest insurance compensation,Effectively stops forestry harmful creatures to cause harm to surrounding crops,It plays an important role in increasing farmers and income,It has important practical significance to protect the sustainable and healthy growth of forest resources。

Draft: Harmful Biological Prevention and Quarantine Division Review: Pei Yingtai Editor: Zhang Jian

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