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To further deepen party discipline study and education,Strengthening young cadres and employees' thoughts of thought,Improve integrity and self -discipline awareness,May 31,Xinglongshan Reserve Management and Protection Center Young Cadre theoretical Learning Research Group has carried out a seminar on party discipline m88 best betting websitelearning and education exchanges,Participants in the group。


will be on it,Group members combined with their own work actual situation,Exchange party discipline m88 best betting websitelearning and education experience。Everyone unanimously stated that he should take the lead in learning、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Master the new clause、Key content,Comprehensive requirements for the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"、Completely implemented in work。

Meeting requirements,First, enhance discipline consciousness。Study on the key content of the Regulations,Adhere to the original study、Learn from seal one by one、Contact Actual Learning,Objective requirements and main content of quasi -party discipline m88 best betting websitelearning and education,Effectively study and implement the M88 Online Live Casino"Regulations",Incorporate learning and education into daily、Grab in frequent,Accurately grasp the main points of the main purpose and requirements。Second, strengthen disciplinary education。To closely combine the actual work,In -depth study and reception regulations,Holding discipline "ring ruler",From time to time,Reconstruction of everything,Growing up in the control,Improve in reflection。Three must grasp the discipline execution。Consciously check the "Regulations" consciously,Active viewing existing problems,Timely rectification and rectification,Correct bias,Really achieve a high degree of consciousness m88 online bettingin "learning",Do it accurately on "Zhiji",To achieve a clear limit on "Mingji"。

Draft: The second group of young cadre theoretical learning research team review: Pei Yingtai editor: Zhang Jian



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