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5month 27,The staff of the Maju Shan Protection Station of the Xinglong Mountain Pipeline Centers is in the daily monitoring patrol,Malaysia Mountain at 3600 meters above sea level found group -based national second -level wild protection animals alpine vrser。


Gyps HIMALAYENSIS,Commonly known as: Yellow Vulture,Is the bird of the genus Eagle family 兀 鹫,Large Raptor,belonging to the countryHome second m88 online bettingm88 review-level protection wildlife,Integrated in "Red Book of Endangered Birds in China"。Mainly use animal corpses and carrion, Generally does not attack animals。Vision and smell are often keen,Often hovering at high altitude to find the corpse on the ground,Or concentrate to the corpse through smelling the smell of carrion through the smell of the smell of smell,Sometimes attacking each other to fight for food。In the case of poor food poverty and extremely hungry,Sometimes also eat frogs、Lizard、Bird、small beasts and large beetles and locusts。In the Xinglongshan Reserve, m88 best betting websiteit m88 live casino gamesmainly inhabits Shangzhuang Jianshan、Horse Two Mountain High Mountain Cao Dun。24 times this time,The features of the cluster are obvious,The largest amount found。


In recent years,Xinglongshan Reserve has continuously strengthened protection management and scientific research monitoring,This "encounter" number of many clustering alpine vultures,From the side, the ecological environment of Xinglongshan Reserve continues to improve,horse musk、Meihua Deer、Orange -winged noise, and other key protection wild animals frequently appear in infrared cameras,Further reflects m88 live casino gamesthe m88 online bettingbiodiversity of Xinglongshan Reserve to enter a virtuous cycle state,A vivid scroll formed by human harmony with nature。

Draft: The Majo Mountain Protection Station of the Scientific Research Management Division: Editor Pei Yingtai: Zhang Jian

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