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Spring and Jingming everything,Tree planting forests and green。Recent,Xinglongshan Protection Stand at Taojia Kiln Tree Planting Plant Plants to Carry out Forest Vegetarian Forest Restrication m88 online bettingForestry,Mainly planting tree species m88 live casino gamesYunshan。As of April 22,Planting 142 acres。

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On the planting site of tree planting,The cadres and the masses are on the battlefield,or a group of two people、or three -five partners,Persistent head,presents a busy laborer scene。At the same time, in order to further improve the activity rate of afforestation,The work is used for planting for this work,and invite experienced professional and technical personnel to explain the main points m88 reviewof seedling planting technology on the spot: to ensure that m88 best betting websitethe seedlings are fully stretched when planting,Adopt the "Acupoint Planting Method" three buried two -step and one -mentioned seedlings,Then fill the root water。Each sapling planted,Each process is meticulous。

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Live in green water and green mountains,Fang De Jinshan Yinshan。With the work of afforestation and greening,A touch of green is extending,The slopes of the deserted slope began to put on green,Restriction,Painted m88 online bettinga new ecological scroll of green water and green mountains,Let us welcome the 20th m88 online bettingNational Congress of the Party with practical actions!

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