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In order to effectively prevent the spread of harmful creatures in forestry,Ensure that the quality of forestry greening seedlings,Strictly put the spring seedlings quarantine,April 20,According to the relevant requirements of the "Technical Regulations for Forest Plant Quarantine",Source m88 live casino gamesof seedlings from Xinglongshan Nursery and Majia Temple Nursery Land、Going、Seedling varieties and updates、Specifications and other details have been carefully checked,and strictly implemented a place of origin in accordance with the regulations。

During the investigation,,Quarantine personnel in accordance with the requirements of the quarantine of seedlings,Deeper to the nursery base,Check it carefully,Strict quarantine process,On -site sampling survey of all varieties of the nursery。At the same time, the quarantine personnel M88 Online Live Casinofurther emphasized the necessity of plant quarantine to the nursery staff,Explanation of the "Plant Quarantine Regulations"、"Gansu Province Forestry Harmful Biological Regulations" and other quarantine related laws and regulations,In -depth exchanges on the harm and preventive methods of quarantine and such as pine material nematode disease。

As of now,A total of 33.39021 million vaccines,No seedlings of harmful creatures with quarantine forestry and harmful creatures with harmful creatures in the forestry industry,The quarantine rate of m88 best betting websiteplace of origin reached 100%。Through this quarantine work of seedlings,Ensure the quality of the seedlings of Xinglongshan Nursery,Effectively protecting forest resources and ecological safety。

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