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April 26,The Party Committee of the Management and Protection Center of Xinglongshan Reserve holds the theoretical center group,The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Central Party Committee Lin Hongdong Prested by the meeting。Member of the Central Team,The person in charge of each department of the agency attended the meeting。

The conference collectively studied the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's participation in the capital planting of the capital; The spirit of important instructions for production safety and the instructions of Premier Li Keqiang's instructions; Governor Ren Zhenhe's speech at the province's safety production television M88 Online Live Casinoconference call; the "Chinese Communist Party Constitution" -s the obligation that party members must fulfill; party discipline。

Meeting to point out,The party branches of the center must thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Earnestly implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping when he participated in the capital planting activities of the capital,firmly establish and implement the new development concept,firmly take the ecological priority、The Road to Green Development。To fully implement the forest long system,Increase ecological protection and restoration,Continuous consolidation and enhance the carbon exchange capacity of ecosystems。

Conference M88 Online Live Casinoemphasized,To study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions for safety production,Quickly unify the mind and action to the spirit of the province's safety production television conference call,High political consciousness、Thought consciousness and action consciously pay close attention to work safety。To draw deeply4.9Lessons for fire,Fully understand the importance of forest grassland fire prevention work,Further compact work responsibility,Refined work task,Fully check the hidden dangers of fire,Ensure forest resources safety。

Meeting requirements,Study the party constitution carefully、Strictly abide by the Party Constitution,This is a basic and regular work of comprehensively and strictly governing M88 Online Live Casinothe party,It is also the inherent requirements of party members and cadres to study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party。All party members of the center must learn the party constitution,Observing the Party Constitution as a political responsibility,Consciously achieve deep learning and taking photos。

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