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In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions of party discipline learning and education,Strongly carry out party discipline learning and education,May 24,The Secretary of the Party Branch of the Integrated Department and the Party Branch of the Communist m88 live casino gamesParty m88 live casino gamesof China will teach all the party courses for the party branch,and organize exchanges and discussions。


The party lesson focuses on the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" Chapter 3,Learn in words and sentences,and explain the changes before and after the revision of the Regulations,The boundary that promotes all party members to accurately grasp and know discipline,Further strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity。During the exchange seminar,The party members m88 online bettingof the m88 reviewparty branch around the study and work of the "Regulations",Share the learning experience,Everyone said,Through learning,Fully realize the significance of the revision of the Regulations,Effective enhanced the consciousness and firmness of learning and implementation,will continue to deepen learning,Constantly enhance discipline consciousness、Improve the cultivation of party spirit。

Next,Comprehensive Department and Party Branch will closely combine daily work,Education and guidance of all party members and cadres models to abide m88 reviewby party rules m88 best betting websiteand regulations、Laws and regulations and other rules and regulations,Effectively transforming the motivation of party discipline learning and education into actual achievements to promote the high -quality development of the protected area。

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