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To further enhance the organizational force of the party branch、Cohesion、Battlepower,Youxuan and Qiangqiang branch team,Give full play to the role of the battle fortress of the party branch。May 24,According to the "Regulations on the Communist Party of China" and "Regulations on the Election of the Grassroots Organization of the Communist Party of China",Approved by the Party Committee of the Center,The Integrated Department and the Party Branch held a party member meeting for a general m88 reviewm88 reviewelection。The meeting was chaired by the Party branch secretary,All party members of the branch participated。


will be on,Secretary of the Party Branch on behalf of the Party Branch Committee to make a work report to all party members,Conglixing to grasp the ideological education of party members, cadres, and employees、Demonstration leads to continuously improve the level of party building in the branch、The responsibility of defending the soil continued to promote the long -term long -term aspects of the long -lasting long -lasting tube of the positive wind and the long -term review of the party branch in the past three years,and put forward suggestions m88 best betting websitem88 best betting websiteand hope for the work of the next party branch committee。The conference takes a non -name voting according to the procedure、Method of the difference election,Elected the election of the new branch committee。At the subsequent meeting of the new party branch committee held,Election of the party branch secretary、Deputy Secretary,and divide the work of members of the branch committee。

Next,The new party branch committee will use this transition to the new starting point,Seriously implement the general requirements of the party's construction in the new era,Get "a party member and one banner,A dedication of a post m88 live casino games"m88 live casino games,Liability、Gathering Heart、Make an example,Strong learning、Open Vision、Make quality,Grasp the party building、Promoting business、Creative performance,Efforts to create a new situation of party building work,Contributions to the high -quality development of Xinglongshan Reserve。

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