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According to the "Regulations on the Communist Party of China" and the "Regulations on the Election Work of the Grassroots Organization of the Communist Party of China",The Party Committee of the Central Party Committee "Approval of the Candidates for the New Committee of the New Committee of the m88 live casino gamesparty branch of the business Division and the Party Branch",May 21 on May 21 The joint party branch of the business department held a branch election election party member meeting。The meeting was chaired by the deputy secretary of the last branch,All party members of the branch participated。


will be on,Deputy Secretary of the Branch made a work report to all party members on behalf of the Party branch committee,Further implementation from the requirements of strict governance of the party,Strengthen the work of grassroots party style and clean government、Learning Series Speech,Strengthen theoretical armed forces、Correct thought style、m88 online bettingSolve outstanding problems、Comprehensively reviewing the work of the party branch over the past three years,pointed out the problems existing in the party branch,New ideas for exploration and adapting to the work of the new branch,New method,Strive to achieve greater results。

The conference adopts a non -name voting according to the procedure、Method of the difference election,Elected members of the new branch committee。At the subsequent meeting of the new branch committee held,Election of the party branch secretary、Deputy Secretary。The branch secretary made a statement and made m88 reviewa statement。The entire election process is standardized,The election work of the party branch has been successfully completed。

Draft: Review of Scientific Research Management Division: Editor Pei Yingtai: Zhang Jian

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