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In order to continue to strengthen the protection and supervision of the protection of nature protection,Accurately grasp the changes in human activities in the protection area,According to the requirements of the "Gansu Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau on the first batch of national nature reserves and national -level scenic M88 Online Live Casinom88 reviewspots for remote sensing monitoring work" requirements for verification and rectification work "requirements,May 15th to 20th,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center obtains the clue of remote sensing monitoring problems through the "National Natural Protection and Inspection and Inspection and Management Platform",Immediately organized personnel to carry out the first batch of national nature reserve human activity remote sensing monitoring issues for 2024,Check the feedback point 4。


Feedback points,m88 live casino m88 reviewgamesIn -depth place of inspectors,Use the National Nature Protection Land Supervision and Inspection and Management Platform APP to accurately locate、Decision on the current place、Photographing evidence,Detailed record of each point information,Check the information and fill in the results of the inspection truthfully,successfully completed the inspection task。Checking,No violations of laws and regulations were found on the spot。


Next,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center will further strengthen daily m88 best betting websiteinspection management,Monitoring of various artificial activities m88 best betting websitein the area,Timely investigating and punishing various types of violations,Ensure the safety of forest grass resources in the protected area。

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