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2023October 19th,Xinglongshan Scenic Area and the Yuzhong County Party Committee's Tongdao Department to Lanzhou University Yuzhong Campus to carry out the "Xinglong M88 Online Live Casinom88 reviewBeauty · Culture Entry Campus" activity。Minister of the Communist Party of Yuxian County m88 online m88 online bettingbettingParty Committee,Relevant leaders of Lanzhou University,The person in charge of Xinglongshan Scenic Area attended the event。


The event is carried out in the form of "Xinglong Autumn Photography Exhibition" and "Xinglong Golden Autumn Video Exhibition"。In the event,Prepare carefully、After thousands of choices, the most representative photography that can most represent the beautiful scenery of Xinglong Golden Autumn Red Leaf、Video works are displayed to everyone,attracted a lot of Lan University to stop and watch。


This "Xinglong M88 Online Live Casinom88 reviewBeauty · Culture Entry Campus" activity aims to show Xinglong Beauty Scenes to the student group living living in Lanzhou、Promoting Xinglong Culture,with a view to make them have a deeper perception of Xinglong Mountain,Deepen their emotions and understanding of the location of the campus。Development of the event,Not only has the new mode of exchange cooperation and cooperation between scenic spots and colleges,Also the consciousness of building a community of the nation、Promoting the development of the golden autumn red leaves M88 Online Live Casinom88 best betting websiteof Xinglong Mountain laid a solid foundation。


Supply: Lu Jiaxiang Photography: Lu Jiaxiang Editor in charge: Zhang Jian

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