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Hidden dangers are in Minghuo,Prevention is better than disaster relief。To strengthen the publicity and education of fire prevention publicity and education of forest grassland this winter and spring,Promoting school teachers and students forest and grassland fire safety awareness。On the afternoon of October 20th, Shangzhuang Protection Station went to Malian Beach Primary School in Mapo Township to carry out forest and grassland fire prevention knowledge to campus publicity M88 Online Live Casinoand education activities。

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In the event,The staff of the protection station uses an easy -to -understand preaching method,Explain to teachers and students the important meaning of forest grassland fire prevention、The cause and harm of the fire,Education guides children to establish forest grassland fire prevention consciousness。At the same time,Encourage children to tell family and relatives for children and relatives,Return to "Educate a student,Affects a family,Purpose of Drive the entire Society,Further build a forest grassland fire prevention safety barrier。

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Subsequent,The staff of the protection m88 best betting websitestation issued fire prevention leaflets to teachers and students、Graphics、Annual Calendar、Fire propaganda materials such as disposable water cups,Teachers and students expressed their thanks,and indicate that in the future study、Never bring fire source into the mountains in life、No barbecue in the forest area、Playing fire and letting fire,Fighting as a "Forest Grassland Fire" little guard,Supervisor family,Keep our homeland together。

Through this promotional activity,Effectively improved the fire safety awareness of the forest and grassland of teachers and students,Created "Forest Fire,Everyone is M88 Online Live Casinoresponsible "strong atmosphere。Next,Propaganda stations carried out forest grassland fire prevention as a key task and comprehensively deployed for the characteristics of the jurisdiction,Strictly abide by the security red line,Make every effort to ensure the safety of forest resources in the forest area。

Supply: Zhai Jianli Photography: Zhang Li Editor: Zhang Jian

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