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For a comprehensive summary, work in the first half of 2024,Summary experience,Check the leakage and supplement,Careful planning and implementing work in the second half of the year,Inspired the majority of cadres and employees to actively act as,June 28,The Management and Protection Center of the Xinglongshan Reserve was held in the first half of 2024 and the work deployment meeting in the second half of the year。Member of the leadership team of the center、The person in charge of the grassroots protection m88 live casino gamessite,More than 80 cadres and employees of the organs attended the meeting。


will be on,6 units (departments) heads of the person in charge of the target responsibility letter signed at the beginning of the year,I made a conference exchange speech,Other units submitted written communication materials。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Center、Director Lin Hongdong made a work report entitled "The Wind and Sailing Story at the time",Looking back on the work development of the first half of the year of the protected area,Re -arrange and re -deployment of work in the second half of the year。


Meeting to point out,Since this year,The Management and Protection Center of the Xinglongshan Reserve loyalty to defend the "two establishment",Resolutely achieve "two maintenance",Polish the political responsibility of the construction of ecological civilization,Coordinated promotion of high -quality development of nature protection places,Effectively strengthen resource protection and management,Continue strengthening infrastructure construction,Integrated promotion of forest ecosystem protection repair and wild animals and plant protection,Constantly improving the overall quality of ecological construction,The health and orderly development of various undertakings in the protected area。


Conference emphasized,m88 online bettingWhile affirming the results of the first half of the year,Pay close attention to the shortcomings and shortcomings of work,Grasp the "Key Point" of the whole year's work,,Effectively strengthen resource protection and management,Vigorously develop the green ecological industry,Actively promote the construction of natural protection places,Accelerate the level of scientific research monitoring and information construction,Promote various key tasks in the second half of the year and then open a new game、Create again。First, we must thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,firmly unwavering ecological priority、Green Development Road,Promote the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government、All decisions of the Provincial Forest and Cao Bureau are deployed in Xinglong Mountain to implement the details。Second, we must comprehensively strengthen the protection management of forest grass resources,Continuously promoting the development of the forest system in depth。Third, we must constantly build the bottom line for security development,Improve and perfect "8311" work measures,Make sure no major forest fire occurs。Completely completing the Mori Defense "Four Rate" management indicators and the monitoring of wild animal epidemic disease。Consolidate the construction M88 Online Live Casinoresults of the "non -toxic forest area",Deepen "Ping An Gansu" and "Ping An Forest District" construction。Fourth, we must continue to strengthen support support capabilities,Complete the protection site maintenance、Wildlife rescue station equipment purchase and put into use、The construction and acceptance of the construction of the Xinglongshan Exhibition Hall。Complete the acceptance acceptance of the second phase of the scientific examination project of the reserve as soon as possible。Five is to accelerate the development of the green ecological industry,Touch the "June 6th" Cultural Tourism Festival and Golden Autumn Red Leaf Tourism Festival in Xinglongshan,Actively promote planting under the forest、Development of green industries such as underwritten breeding。Continue to help Qin'an County fixed -point assistance、"pairing care" work。Six is ​​to further promote the comprehensive and strict party,Specifies "Three Meetings and One Lesson"、The development of party members,Organize various branches to carry out various group activities,Show the Grassman style。Open a good ideological special research and judgment analysis meeting,Do a good job of party discipline learning and education,"Four Winds" tree new wind。

Meeting requirements,To improve political standing、m88 live casino gamesStrengthen political responsibility,Resolutely carry out the political responsibility of the construction of ecological civilization in the protected area。The target responsibility letter signed at the beginning of the year,Further clarifying work ideas、Refined measures,Rely on responsibility。Deepen the ideological understanding、Strengthen responsibility,Go all the way to complete the annual work tasks。Grasp the point、Coordinated planning、Precise policy、System Promotion,To higher standards、More practical measures to grasp various tasks,The breakthrough of key tasks drives the overall level。Stop work attitude、Consolidate work style,Work hard to protect the green barrier,Houzhu ecological background。Standards for working for excellence,Public torque、Public letter、Public Welling,A good atmosphere of creating a business together,Work together to promote the work of the protected area to continue to reach a new level。

Draft: Office review: Liu Xudong Editor: Zhang Jian

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