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In -depth implementation of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Implement "Comprehensive Monitoring、Timely warning、Accurate Forecast "Total Objective,According to the "Implementation Plan for Monitoring and Forecasting Work Point of the Surveying and Reporting Point of the National Forestry Harmic Biological Center of Xinglongshan",Xinglongshan Protection m88 best betting websiteStation M88 Online Live Casinostarts from June 22,Combined with daily diseases and insect pest monitoring data,Requirements to the implementation of the forest long system,Strongly carry out forestry harmful biological prevention and control work。

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On the eve of the development of prevention and control,Protective station conducts control operation training for medications in each operating area,and combined with time、Terrain、Tree species and other factors have formulated harmful biological distribution charts and inspecting road maps,Lay a solid foundation for the development M88 Online Live Casinoof M88 Online Live Casinoharmful biological monitoring for science。Under the leadership of the webmaster of the protection station,Work mode of all employees and forests with a grid management responsibility zone,Smoils are applied to high -incidence areas within the jurisdiction,To effectively protect the security of natural forest resources。

Next,Xinglongshan Protection Station will continue to strengthen forestry M88 Online Live Casinoharmful biological monitoring、Prevention work,Incorporate the quarantine work of diseases and insect pests into daily inspections,Early prevention,Active m88 online bettingplan,m88 live casino gamesContaining the breeding and spreading of the harmful creatures of forestry,Effectively build the ecological security barrier of the Yellow River Basin。

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