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6morning on the 28th,Xinglong Mountain Pipeline Care Center held the "July 1st" commendation conference and comprehensively and strict party work conference。Member of the Party Committee of the Central Center,The central deputy department level or above party members and cadres,Representatives of party members of each m88 online bettingbranch,Commendation staff,All employees of the organs,More than 70 people attended the meeting。The meeting was members of the Central Party Committee、Deputy Director Chen Yuping hosted。



In the solemn national anthem,The meeting kicked off the prelude。will be on,Organized the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's latest important speech,I learned "Strengthening Disciplinary Construction is the Strict and Strictly m88 reviewstrictly governing the Party" and "Disciplinary Education in the History of the Party"。I awarded a commemorative medal to party members in the 50th year of the party,For 3 advanced party branches、6 outstanding Communist Party members、Six outstanding party workers and young cadre theoretical study research team "Learning Model" commended。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Center、Director Lin Hongdong made a speech entitled "Adhering to the Mission of the Time",Looking back on the glorious journey of the party in 103 years,Summarized the work of the center in the first half of the year,and re -arranged the work in the second half of the year、Re -deploy。



Meeting to point out,In m88 reviewthe first half of 2024, the Central Party Committee resolutely implemented the responsibility of the main body of the party building,Adhere to the planning of party building work and business work、Same deployment,Supervise and guide party branches to strengthen the sense of responsibility for party building、responsibility consciousness and conscious consciousness,Implementation of various tasks of party building in place,Ensure that the work tasks of party building are successfully completed,Promote the deep integration of party building work and business work,Leading high -quality party building with high -quality party building。


Meeting requirements,The center should continue to adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Carry out a good party discipline study and education,Continue to do a good job in the standardization construction upgrade of party branches,Strict implementation of various systems,Innovative organizational lifestyle,Further strengthen and improve the building of the center of the party,New development of the m88 live casino gamescause of the protected area。First, continue to strengthen theoretical armed brains,Constantly improving ideological awareness、The level of theoretical policy and business knowledge ability,Armed minds with innovative theory、Guidance practice、Promoting work,Realize the double harvest of business and party building work。The second is to increase the education and innovation of party members,Enhance the sense of responsibility of party members' sense of honor,Focus on creating a courage to take responsibility、Good at the officer、Grass -roots cadre team with strong style。Third is to improve the quality of party branch construction,Strictly implement the "one position and two responsibilities" system of members of the team,Strictly develop party members in strict accordance with the organization procedure,Continuously improved the branch work system,Promoting the work of grassroots party branches to improve quality and increase efficiency。Fourth is to promote the development of the party in depth and deepen the party,Actively explore the new ideas of comprehensively and m88 reviewstrictly governing the party、New measures and new methods,with higher standards、Strict requirements、stronger political guarantee for the development of the protection area of ​​the protected area。


Conference emphasized,First, strengthen the party's leadership,Perseverance and comprehensive and strict governance of the party; second, we must improve political standing,To ensure that party discipline learning and education go deeply; third, we must strengthen responsibility,True work and do all work,Practice the original mission with practical actions,Take the responsibility as a great increase to the party flag,Make new and greater contributions to the high -quality development of the new era reserve!

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