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In order to do a good job of comprehensive forest ecological monitoring forest survey in 2024,Further improve the quality of survey and monitoring results,Improve the skills level of technical personnel。June 25th to 26th,Xinglong Mountain Management Care Center invited the leader of the technical guidance team of Gansu Province Forest Cao Ecological M88 Online Live CasinoComprehensive Monitoring Working Team in the video conference room on the third floor of the institution to conduct technical training for 11 investigators。


6month 25,The leader of the technical guidance team mainly investigates the background around sample、Main survey content and technical standards、Sample wood reset、Sample investigation、Logic check、Quality inspection and software use have been trained。Training,Take the method of discussion and exchange,Answer the technical questions that have existed over the years,further improved M88 Online Live Casinothe business ability and level of investigators。


6March 26,Choose Martyrs Cemetery No. 1189 as a forest -like foreign industry investigation site operation training point。During the survey at the scene,The leader of the technical guidance team focuses on resetting on the same place、Periodical measurement、Sample investigation factor and sample wood survey factor filling and other content on -site explanations and demonstration operations,Clear relevant technical requirements,Correction on the spot on the problems existing in technical operations,Ensure the M88 Online Live Casinospecifications and accuracy of the survey data,Lay a solid foundation for the survey of comprehensive survey of forest grass ecology。

Draft: Review of Resource Management Division: Editor Pei Yingtai: Zhang Jian

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