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June 3rd to 5th,Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau held a meeting of the rule of law construction and improving the quality of administrative law enforcement quality action in 2024 in Linyi County.。Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center、Director Lin Hongdong、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Pei Yingtai and related business personnel attended the meeting。


will be on the meeting,Comrade Lin Hongdong uses "strengthening forestry law enforcement,Protecting Forest and Grass Resources "made a exchange speech on the main experience and practices of the Forestry Law Enforcement of Xinglong Mountain Management Center: First, strengthen publicity and education,Create a good public opinion m88 online bettingpropaganda atmosphere,Create the "new environment" of forestry administrative law enforcement; the second is to strengthen responsibility implementation,Promote the high -quality development of forestry administrative law enforcement,Keep the forestry administrative law enforcement "main position"; the third is to strengthen law enforcement training,Improve law enforcement capabilities and level of law enforcement,Practice "True Kung Fu" for forestry administrative law enforcement; fourth is to strengthen patrol supervision,Disposal various cases in accordance with laws and regulations,"Hard execution" to ensure forestry administrative law enforcement; fifth is to strengthen joint law enforcement,Effectively combat various types of violations,Create the "new pattern" of forestry m88 best betting websiteadministrative law enforcement。

This training study,Focus on learning the "Wildlife Protection Law", "Administrative Reconsideration Law", and relevant knowledge of execution of administrative law enforcement,and conduct a mutual review of the typical excellent files of the entire system,Three case papers in our center get a meeting and review from the meeting。Through learning、Communication、Emphasis on the investigation further enhanced the ability of the forestry administrative law enforcement officers of our center to the ability to handle various forestry administrative penalties,Enhanced the legal awareness and work ability of law enforcement personnel。Next,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center will continue to adhere to the idea of m88 live casino games​​Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Comprehensively improve the overall quality of forestry law enforcement personnel,Ensure strict law enforcement、Administrative according to law,Effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of the cause of the forest and grass。

Draft: Review of Resource Management Division: Editor Pei Yingtai: Zhang Jian

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