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In order to further improve the business level and ability of the staff of the forestry system,Make sure that the various systems are operating well,Form a joint force,m88 online bettingJune 24, 2024,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center held a special training course for deepening the implementation of forestry system and forest grass in 2024。Main leaders of the Management and Protection Center、Leadership、More than 110 employees of the management and protection center participated in training。

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This training revolves around the construction of the forest system、The effectiveness of the forest system achieved by the m88 online bettingprotected area、Lin Chang's responsibilities and forests, interpret it in detail,And further arrangement of the development of the forest system in the reserved area in the future。

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Through this training, learning and communication,Further broaden the knowledge surface,improved the business level of the management and guardians,Reached the expected training target,It laid a solid theoretical basis for the forest system of the Xinglong Mountain Pipeline Center in the future。

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