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6month 13-14,The Management and Protection Center of Xinglongshan Reserve successfully completed the 2024 policy forest insurance and forestry harmful biological hazard losses.。

2024May 10th,M88 Review report to China Land Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Gansu Branch。Xinglongshan Reserve's participating area occurs in the area of ​​forestry harmful biological hazards,Mixed disasters such as oil pine lamp and leaf pine sheath moths,Total area of ​​23039 acres,Moderate hazards above 20681 acres。

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After the m88 live casino gamesagreed observation recovery period expires,Provincial Forestry Science and Technology Promotion Station leads coordination,China Square Property and Insurance Co., Ltd. Gansu Branch invites provincial forest insurance fixed expert,Concert,In accordance with the "Gansu Province Policy Forest Insurance Definaling Calculatory Operation Regulations",Combined with the disaster reporting materials of the disaster of the management and protection center of Xinglongshan Reserve,Method of random sampling is used to Mashan、Shangzhuang、Xinglong Mountain、Maljia Temple's 4 protection stations and protection areas of 8 forest classes, 20 small classes, 88 m88 live casino gamessmall classes and 88 samples of damage to conduct on -site surveys。According to the actual survey of the local area and the characteristics of harmful biological disasters of forestry,Pume the small class that meets the claims conditions,issued "Examinement Report on the degree of losses of harmful biological hazards in forestry in M88 Review",and by the on -site inspector、Insured unit、Signing confirmation of the insured company,The insured company will make claims in accordance with the identification standard。

Forest Insurance as an effective means to protect forest resources,Maximum reduction in forestry disaster risk,Practitioning M88 Online Live Casinoeffectiveness in increasing the prevention and control of forest resources risk prevention and control and protection of forest resources,escort for green water and green mountains,Provide protection for the effectiveness of the construction of ecological civilization in our district。

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