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5month 11,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center launched the "Forest Grass Biological Disaster Prevention and Control Publicity Week" centralized publicity activities at Xinglong Shanxi Mountain Square。This activity time is May 11-17,The theme is "Strengthening the prevention and control of forest grass biological disasters,Help to promote the construction of beautiful China "。

Activity site,Play Popular Worm disease in the prevention and control of Popular Science Popular Science Video with electronic screens、Set up a propaganda booth、Hanging Propaganda banner、Put the promotional exhibition board、distributed publicity materials and promotional supplies、On -site answers to the masses' questions m88 best betting websiteand other methods,Vigorously m88 best betting websitepromote the prevention and control knowledge of forest grass biological disasters。

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On the day of the event,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center organizes cadres and employees online to watch the launching ceremony of the National Propaganda Week in Shenyang in Shenyang,Offline active participation in the collection of gardening biological safety photography works。

In the event week,Staff of Harmful Biological Prevention and Quarantine Section will go deep into the village community with the staff of the protection stations、School、Farmers and other places,Suspension banner、Publicity information,Carry out science popularization activities in various forms,This event is expected to hang publicity banner 12,20 shows of display boards,Distribution "Forest M88 Online Live CasinoLaw"、"Biological Safety Law"m88 best betting website、"Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Forest Pests"、"Wildlife Protection Law"、"Regulations on Plant Quarantine"、Pine material defense and control publicity fold、other types of promotional pages and more than 200 copies,Constantly popularize the knowledge of harmful biological prevention and control of forestry,Expand the coverage and influence of science science and influence,Effectively enhance the awareness of the public disaster prevention and mitigation,Improve the ability to prevent disaster prevention and mitigation in the protected area。


Carry out a series of publicity activities through the "Publicity Week",Further expansion of the social influence of the prevention and control of biological disasters of forest grass,Improve the awareness of disaster prevention m88 reviewm88 live casino gamesand mitigation of the masses,Improve the consciousness and initiative of the whole society to participate in disaster prevention and mitigation work,It lays a solid foundation for the future reserve forest resource safety and biological safety work。

Supply: Harmful Bio -Control and Quarantine Division Review: Chen Yuping Editor: Zhang Jian

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