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In -depth transmission of red culture and ecological civilization thoughts,Promoting school -land cooperation,Rich campus life。April 25,The Management and Protection Center of Xinglongshan Reserve and the Zhang Yimu Memorial Hall went to Lanzhou Business M88 Online Live Casinom88 reviewSchool to carry out the theme activity of "Red Culture and Xinglong Culture into the Campus",Leaders and teachers and students of Lanzhou Business School participated in this event。

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Before the school library,The classmates visited the Lanzhou Battle under the leadership of the interpreter、Xinglongshan Beauty View Picture Exhibition。In the preaching activity,Watching "Star Fire" and listening to Zhang Yizu's story allows students to experience the hard journey of Zhang Yimu and other older generations that spread Marxist fire M88 Online Live CasinoM88 Online Live Casinoto the land of Longyuan。At the same time, the interpreter shows the natural beauty of Xinglong Mountain to the majority of students、Famous Attractions、Humanities History、Animal and plant resources, etc.,Deepen everyone's understanding of Xinglongshan Reserve。

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This event aims to use school -land cooperation methods,Red Culture、Ecological civilization thought is highly integrated with school education,At the same time, it is also to start the Xinglongshan Cultural Tourism brand,Active contribution to m88 live casino gamesm88 online bettingpromoting the communication of red culture in Yuzhong County。

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Draft: Editorial Ecological Tourism Management Section: Zhang Jian

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