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With the rapid development of the tourism industry,The improvement of the quality of tourism services in scenic spots has become an urgent problem。In order to further strengthen employee service awareness,Comprehensively improve the service quality and reception level of the scenic area,Construction of a business proficiency、Professional service team with excellent style,Promote m88 reviewthe high -quality development of the scenic area,April 7th-8th,The Ecological Tourism Management Section holds a pre -post training meeting,More than 30 people participated。


Careful design of this training,Strict organization。It mainly focuses on "how to realize the dedication of the job、The spirit of hard work "、Tourism management knowledge、Tourism laws and regulations, etc.,Combined with the actual work of the scenic area,Detailed interpretation of the key part。The person in charge of the scenic area through theoretical teaching and on -site interaction method,Provide m88 online bettingnew thinking mode for employees to carry out work,Guide to inspire employees' awareness of service、mentality、In -depth adjustment of thinking from the province,For the future, it is known for the future,Do your best tourism service laid the foundation。

Training,Participants listen carefully、Active interaction,I have a deeper understanding and mastering of the service standards and self -awareness of the scenic area industry。The first round of the first round of employees' professional literacy improvement training,It will effectively improve the professional literacy m88 reviewand service level of the staff of the scenic area,Further enhance the overall image and service quality of Xinglong Mountain Scenic Area。

Supply: Editor of Ecological Tourism Management Section: Zhang Jian

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