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Recent,Xinglongshan Protection Station organizes personnel to carry out wild animal m88 reviewm88 live casino gameshorse musk winter surveys。


This survey adopts the sample method,According to the 6 -site survey lines set by the center,A survey of the main distribution area and habitat of wild animal horse musk in the jurisdiction of Xinglongshan Protection Station。


Wildlife horse musk is a national first -class wild protection animal in Xinglongshan Reserve,Regularly investigate the horse musk resources in the protected area,You can systematically M88 Online Live Casinom88 best betting websiteunderstand the number of wild horse musk、Space distribution、Dynamic changes and other information。This survey will provide data support for the protection of the horse musk in Xinglongshan Protection Station,Further improvement of horse musk protection measures、Promoting biological diversity protection、It is significant to promote the construction of ecological civilization。


Draft: Zhang Jialiang Photography: m88 live casino gamesChi m88 reviewHong、Yan Weijun、Wang Dong、Yang Hanbin、Zhang Kun、Zhang Kequan Editor: Zhang Jian

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