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October 14,"Romantic Red Leaf,Colorful Xinglong "is the theme of the 13th Xinglong Mountain m88 live casino gamesGolden Autumn Red Leaf Tourism Festival grand opening。Gansu Provincial Library、M88 Review、The Propaganda Department of Yuzhong County Party Committee、Relevant leaders of Yuzhong County Culture, Sports, Radio, Television, Tourism Bureau and other units attended the opening ceremony。


On the opening ceremony,Director of the Cultural Sports, Sports, Television and Television and Tourism Bureau of Yuzhong County congratulated and delivered a speech on the convening of this Tourism Festival,He said that Yuzhong as the living room of Lanzhou,m88 reviewIn recent years, m88 best betting websiteit has continued to deepen the high -quality integration of cultural tourism,and this m88 live casino gamesGolden Autumn Red Leaf Tourism Festival is in the name of Xinglong Mountain Red Leaf Scenery,Sincerely invite eight -party tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yuzhong,I hope more people can come to Yuzhong to go more、Take a look,Discussion cooperation、Jobs for development,Promote the high -quality development of cultural tourism in Yuzhong。


M88 Review Deputy Director on behalf of Xinglong Mountain Management Center to come to all the leaders who come to the opening ceremony、Guests and tourists have expressed sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks,and announced the official opening of the 13th Xinglong Mountain m88 live casino games"m88 live casino gamesGolden Autumn Red Leaf Tourism Festival"!


The opening show Performance through a fusion fashion show、Songs and Dance Performance、Martial arts exhibitions and other audiences like to see art forms,For the guests of the guests at the scene, experience the integration of traditional and innovative performances,In addition, the book reading activity was carried out with the Gansu Library Code,adds the flavor of the book to this section。


Holding the Tourism Festival of this m88 live casino gamesGolden Autumn Red Leaf,It will be a beautiful "Xinglong Red Leaf" brand,Open the new climax of tourism in the golden autumn "Golden Month",After the scenic area, the "Xinglong Culture Entry Campus" will be held in the scenic area、m88 live casino games"Golden Autumn Red Leaf Photography Exhibition" m88 live casino gamesm88 best betting websiteand other series of activities to promote the promotion of the colorful autumn scenery of Xinglong Mountain,Further enhances the influence and competitiveness of Xinglong Mountain Scenic Area,Promote the overall ecological tourism business to develop farther and deeper。

Draft: Guo Liangmei Photography: Lu Jiaxiang Editor: Zhang Jian

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