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To increase ecological protection,Promote the sustainable development of forestry,Xinglongshan Protection Station organizes employees and forest guards to carry out 6 -day spring m88 live casino gamesm88 reviewhorse musk resources、Investigation work such as forest diseases and insect pests and forest resources。

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Through sample line inspection and infrared camera monitoring,Discover horse musk in the jurisdiction、Wild pigs and other wild animals are frequent,Fully explained that the protection of the ecosystem is better,provides a good living environment for wild animals,At the same time, it also reflects that I have achieved positive results for wildlife protection and biological diversity protection。

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Next,m88 best betting websiteMy station will continue to do a good job of forest resource management,Strictly implement the rules and regulations of the management and protection center,Ensure that the work is carried out in an orderly manner; strictly investigate and deal with various types of destruction of forest resources,Perseverely grasping safety production and forest fire prevention work,Further increase the prevention and control of forestry harmful biology,Continue to carry forward M88 Online Live Casinohard struggle、The spirit of unity and hard work。

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