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In order to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council on the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection,The unified arrangement of the Provincial Party Committee on Carrying out the "Three Grabs and Three Promotion" operations,Fully promote the rectification and sales of ecological environment issues in nature reserves,April 23-25,The first supervisory team of the Provincial Forest Grass Bureau conducted supervision and inspection m88 online bettingof the rectification work of the ecological environment of the Xinglongshan Reserve。


The supervision group always adheres to the problem -oriented,Whether the rectification goal is achieved、Is the rectification measures implemented、Whether the rectification problem rebounds as the key content of the inspection。Has the official grinding beach resort、Rock Climbing Plaza、Tianyun Summer Villa、National Villa、Jinglan Cement Factory Mine、Guantangou Scenic Area and other key issues conducted on -site inspections。Subsequent,By listening to the report、Review the account、Hold a symposium and other methods,Comprehensively detailed and detailed m88 live casino gamesinspection and review of the rectification and effectiveness of the 35 ecological environment issues in the protected area。After supervision and inspection,4437_4461,and put forward specific requirements and clear measures on how to further do a good job of ecological environmental protection。


Next,The management and protection center of Xinglongshan Reserve will take this supervision and inspection as an opportunity,Careful implementation of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,The concept of solid establishment of green water and green mountains is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan,Continue to do follow -up supervision of various types of ecological and environmental issues,m88 online bettingStrictly prevent the ecological environment rectification work rebound,Eliminate the new environmental ecological problem again,Ensure the safety of forest resources and ecosystems in Xinglongshan Reserve。

Draft: Meng Qingji Photography: Meng Qingji Editor: Zhang Jian

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