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The requirements of the "Notice of Gansu Province Forestry and Grassland Bureau on Accelerating the M88 Online Live Casinom88 online bettingdevelopment of the economic and Industry of the Forestry in the Provincial Forestry"。According to the geographical conditions of my station,Scientific Plan,Reasonable layout,Make full use of vegetation lush、Vast resource advantages of forest land,Adaptation to the development of Lamryllaria Lamrye in the local conditions,Fully promote the development of the economic industry under the forest。

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Combined m88 reviewm88 live casino gameswith last year's planting experience,Professor Zhu with Lan Grand Coconis Professor Zhu ask for study,My station is carried out this year's disease planting work,Scientific planting、Management,Make the disease of the disease return to natural growth status,Increase benefits。

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"Three Grabs and Three Promotion" operations,Majia Temple Protection Station attaches great importance to,Around the overall work situation,Study for learning,Pay attention to implementation。Fully recognize the importance of the economic industry under the forest,Resolutely implement the arrangement of the party committee of the management and protection center on the M88 Online Live Casinom88 online bettingdevelopment of the economic and industrial development of the forest,To achieve the deep integration of the "three grasping and three promotion" operations with the forest grass management and protection work。Promote the "Three Grabs and Three Promotion" operations with actual actions,Actively promote the vigorous development of the economy and industry under the forest of Xinglong,Make "Green Water and Green Mountain" into "Jinshan Yinshan"。

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