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In -depth study of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi m88 reviewJinping on anti -drug work,Implementation of the province、City、County Anti -drug work deployment,Further promotion of anti -drug work in the forest area,April 23,Xinglong Mountain Management and Protection Center organized a 2024 ban on spatula poisoning work meeting。Center Leader,Each protection station is Zheng and Deputy Webmaster、Protective point long,Xinglongshan Nursery Zheng、Deputy Director,All cadres and employees of the organs,Leaders and relevant police officers of Xinglongshan Forest Public Security Branch attended the meeting。


The conference conveyed the spirit of the province's anti -drug work conference、Gansu Province Forestry and Grassland Bureau System Forestry Area Forbidden Poisoning Work Conference and "M88 Review2024 Species of Poisoning Poisoning Works",Arrange and deploy drugs for anti -drugs m88 reviewin the forest area in 2024。

Meeting to point out,Forest area forbidden to poisoning is a responsibility、High attention、Political tasks that affect big,It is necessary to unify the thinking and actions into the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,Highly political acuteness and sense of mission,Fully do a good job of various work in the forest area forbidden to poison。


Conference emphasized,First to improve political standing,Effectively put the prohibited poisoning work in a prominent position。Anti -drug work is related to national safety、National Ascension and Decrease、People's Welfare,Drugs do not remove one day,Anti -drug struggle cannot be relaxed for a day。To recognize the severe situation of anti -drug work in the fresh situation,Further m88 online bettingstrengthening the prohibited procedure to poison measures,Effective responsibility for the work of anti -drug work in the forest area,Fully grasp the work of spatulating poisoning in the forest area。Second, we must increase publicity,Create a strong atmosphere。Innovative propaganda method,Multi -form、Multiple channels carry out anti -drug propaganda,Effective improvement of the awareness rate of anti -drug knowledge in the forest area and the ideological consciousness of resisting illegal planting drugs,Enhance the masses' knowledge、Anti -virus、Ability to refuse drugs,Create "Poison Violation、Poisoning must shovel、The strong publicity atmosphere of the poisoning "。Third, strengthen the inspection of the forest area,Consolidate the results of the "non -toxic forest area"。It is necessary to unite the Xinglongshan Forest Public Security Branch m88 best betting websiteto further carry out anti -drug inspection work,Deep in the field、Waste courtyard、The depths of dense forests and other potential illegal planting drug original plant areas to conduct inspection operations,To achieve full coverage,No blind spot,No dead corner。Strengthening advanced technical means,Give full play to drones fast、The advantage of large coverage,Monitor the illegal planting area of ​​potential drugs in the forest area,Realize "zero planting"、"Zero Outlet" target。

Draft: Ecological Engineering Management Division Review: Chen Yuping Editor: Zhang Jian

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