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4month5Day,National Forestry and Grassland Bureau ForestDeputy m88 online bettingm88 live casino gamesDirector of the Grassland Fire Prevention Monitoring Center Wang Tiedong and his party supervised the fire prevention work of forest grassland in Xinglongshan Reserve。Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau、Deputy Director Gao Jianyu,Yin Dehuai, director of Gansu Forest Fire Early Warning Information Center,The leadership team of the management and protection center accompanied the research。

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SupervisionGroup and line visited the electronic sandbox of the protected area,Detailed understanding of the history of the Xinglongshan Reserve、Terranian and Landform、Resource distribution、Institutional setting and other conditions。View the video surveillance system of the protected area at the Forest and Grassland Fire Fire Candidates at the Xinglongshan Reserve,Detailed understanding of the main function of the video surveillance m88 online bettingM88 Online Live Casinosystem,View the emergency plan of the forest grassland fire and fire fire and fire、Infrastructure、Promotional Education、Archives such as fireproof exercise and other aspects,Management and Protection Center Leadership is currently"Qingming" "May 1st" forestPrairm prevention and fire fighting work developmentReport to the supervision team。At the same time, the supervision team monitor the construction of the fire prevention video of our center、The use of drones in daily fire prevention work、Material Reserve、The construction of the fire prevention team conducted on -site exchanges,Fully affirmed the achievements of the forest and grassland prevention and extinguishing work in the protected area,and make guidance on the next work。

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Wang TiedongPointing,ReserveTo further improveForest Prairie Fire Fire Information Construction, establishSmart m88 live casino gamesm88 online bettingForest Grass Monitoring Platform,Rich various information elements,For key areas for scientific research and judgment risk prevention,Precisely carry out a full range of technical support。Do you not be able to implement the advancement system,Further improve the operating skills of the firework machine,Strengthen the tactical tactical drill of the team's fire skills,Make sure that once you find that the fire and fire are found"I hit it early."

Wang Tiedong emphasized,Currently in the period of high incidence of fire in the forest grassland,With"May 1st" arrives,Travel Tap Qing、Agricultural fire、Production and living fire significantly increases,We must focus on the risk hidden dangers of the high incidence of forest grassland fires and source control and source control。To coordinate human defense、material defense、Technical m88 best betting websitem88 reviewDefense,Implementation of joint defense and control、Group Defense Group Control,Establish a grid supervision system,Responsibility is clear to specific personnel、​​Specific plot,Liech up and down、Grasp the effectiveness。To strengthen the duty on duty、Increase inspection strength,Further improve the emergency plan,Do good supplies、Equipment、Preparation of combat power,Make every effort to protect the people's lives and property and forest grassland resource safety。

Draft: Fire Prevention Department Audit: Liu Xudong Edit: Zhang Jian

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